the no. 8 is sacred

It just occurred to me, the thought of Kyle Busch possibly sitting in the No. 8 car. I feel nauseous.

I don’t care what Hendrick Motorsports has to do but they must get that number from DEI. While it isn’t for sure that Kyle is going to DEI to fill that empty slot, I don’t think anyone else but Dale Earnhardt Jr. should be able to use that number. I mean, can you imagine some schmo using Michael Jordan’s number?? Uh no. Ok, Dale isn’t on the same level as MJ yet but he does have the same level of popularity and it would be insanity to let someone else use it.

The number 8 is synonymous with Dale Jr. Separating the two would be like breaking up the Captain & Tennille, or Batman & Robin… Lindsay Lohan & drugs… hehe… just kidding. The point is that when you think of one you instantly think of the other. This number is important. I can swallow Dale running a No. 08 or 81, but I can’t take someone else running the No. 8. That just can’t happen.

In other news…

– Did you know that Robby Gordon won his first NASCAR Nextel Cup race at NHIS back in 2001? Annnd… he’s the only driver in Nextel cup history to win his first race at New Hamphsire.

– If you’re up for meeting No. 40 Coors Wide Mouth Can Dodge driver David Stremme tonight here’s your chance to do it! (Provided that you are already in New Hampshire)

David Stremme will participate in the Coors Light Annual Pub Tour Friday night from 7-9pm in and around the Concord, N.H. area in advance of Sunday’s New England 300. Stremme and guests from Capitol Distributors (the local Coors distributor) will hit four local area pubs so keep your eyes open for the Coors Light crew Friday night.


  1. June 29, 2007 at 5:33 PM ·

    LeBron has Jordan’s number. It would be nice to see Jr stay in the 8, but I don’t think it is tarnished if he doesn’t. Mark Martin moved out of the 6, and he had it a lot longer than Junior’s had the 8.

  2. June 29, 2007 at 11:39 PM ·

    eh.. LeBron isn’t a schmo, but it’s still unseemly to me that he uses Jordan’s number. It’s not the biggest deal in the world, but the No. 8 is available, and to me there’s just not a big reason why he shouldn’t be able to take it with him. Just like I’m able to move my personal license plate over to a new car I might buy.

    Mark Martin moved out of the 6, but he wasn’t supposed to be back either. Something about retirement.

  3. June 30, 2007 at 4:41 PM ·

    Numbers don’t win races, drivers do.

    That aside, if anyone “owns” the #8 it should be Joe Weatherly who won the 1962 chyampionship at the wheel of the #8 Pontiac.