mistakes are not hot

Michael Waltrip Pit BoardSo it is Michael Waltrip Racing that came into possession of the missing sway bar from Roush Fenway Racing.


Michael Waltrip is saying the whole thing was a “mistake” but I don’t think it really matters. A mistake or not, this makes you and your team look bad. If it really was a mistake it’s unfortunate, especially after what happened last year with the jet fuel debacle. I can’t wait to hear what Darrell Waltrip is going to say about all of this during tomorrow’s Cup race coverage.

I truly like Mikey and I want his teams to do well, but this just makes it harder — not impossible — but harder. When you like a driver you don’t want there to be any reason for anyone to be able to say something negative about them or to harbor doubts about their team’s character.

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