burger king signs on with stewart-haas racing

burger_king_logoIt was announced today that Burger King has signed a multi-year sponsorship agreement with Tony Stewart and Stewart-Haas Racing. The deal includes a personal services agreement with Tony and BK will be the primary paint scheme for the No. 14 Sprint Cup car for the July 4th race at Daytona and the September 27th race at Dover.

“I’m extremely happy to welcome Burger King Corp. to the team and really proud to be associated with such a great brand,” said Tony Stewart. “This demonstrates another important step in getting Stewart-Haas Racing ready for the season. I am a huge fan of BURGER KING® restaurants, especially of the WHOPPER® Sandwich, and even received my own customized BK® Crown Card!”

Does this mean that the creepy Burger King King with the ginormous head will be showing up at the track this year? Or maybe they’ll bring the WHOPPER Virgins out for a complete NASCAR experience?

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  1. January 21, 2009 at 4:14 PM ·

    I have to say…the Burger KING…he really REALLY creeps me out. If I see him at the track I may run from fear.

    I don’t know if its his plastic frozen expression…or the fact that he is always showing up in those commercials like he is stalking the people in them or what it is…the King gives me the creeps.

    I hope he stays away from my Tony…I don’t even want to think about those commercials.