things that are annoying me right now

(in no particular order):

1.) People who write articles/posts wondering if Dale Earnhardt Jr. is overrated. Shut up already! The only reason you’re posing that question is to get traffic. It’s a lame question to ask, it’s tired, it’s old, get over it. Who really cares anyway?? I mean, really? Does it matter? No. Is Dale going to read it and say, “Wow, I’m so overrated. I should stop racing.” People love Dale, they’re always going to love him and you’re just mad Jay-Z didn’t ask you to be in his music video.

2.) Chris Myers on FOX. He’s just kind of annoying.

3.) TV broadcasters sugar coating real problems or avoiding them altogether. I know the dudes that are paid to talk about NASCAR on TV aren’t saying the kind of stuff that they really want to say. The nugget that was DW’s off camera remark about racing after Daytona illustrates my point completely. Don’t you ever get the feeling they’re holding back?

4.) Interviews with Jimmie Johnson. He’s boring, but the scruffy beard is a nice touch.

5.) The fact that Carl Edwards is a married man. What am I supposed to daydream about during my meetings at work?? Sheesh.


  1. February 10, 2009 at 3:57 AM ·

    Very valid points. Enough said.

  2. Mlynn
    February 10, 2009 at 1:02 PM ·

    You read my mind with point #1.

    Was just in a bookstore reading Sporting News NASCAR edition and reading the comments the other drivers said anonymously about Dale Jr. The consensus was “overrated” And I thought compared to what or whom?

    These articles about Dale Jr being overrated etc are too boost readership. Other drivers feeling that he’s overrated is sour grapes because they aren’t Dale Sr’s namesake and don’t receive Juniors level of attention. They obviously don’t ever stop to think that Dale’s situation is a double edged sword and that all the attention is not necessarily easy or good for him.

    Junior will never be his father. Has no desire to be his father or replace him. He loves racing and is good at it, if he wasn’t he’d stop.

    Point 2 – yes
    Point 3 – yes
    Point 4 – Jimmie’s just playing it safe and trying to stay boring.
    Point 5 – umm.. okay. Sorry for your loss. A girl can always dream though.

    And lastly I love your site- you’re very fair to all the drivers.