naked cowboy shows, uh, love for nascar

While the top 12 drivers in the Chase for the Sprint Cup Championship spent time demeaning themselves to remind morning television viewers that NASCAR still exists, a super famous New Yorker was showing his love for the sport of auto racing.

The Naked Cowboy is as synonymous with New York as Manolo Blahniks are with Sex and the City. In fact, I think Naked Cowboy was in an episode of the Sex and the City, but I digress.

Feast your eyes on a couple of the greatest NASCAR-related photos ever!! :)

NYC's Naked Cowboy (photo credit: Andrew Giangola)

NYC's Naked Cowboy (photo credit: Andrew Giangola)
(photo credit: Andrew Giangola)

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  1. Phoenyx
    September 17, 2009 at 11:07 PM ·

    Never thought “tighty whities” would look so good.