new nascar dress code: what will the groupies wear?

Yesterday NASCAR announced their new garage access policy that will allow children into garages on race days. That’s a great thing and will surely create some memorable experiences for NASCAR’s youngest fans. But what I’m writing about today has to do with the reminder NASCAR tacked on to the end of their press release:

Also updated for 2011: The dress code for all NASCAR pit and garage areas. Attire must remain appropriate for both a major sporting event and a family environment, but has been relaxed to include shorts, open-toed shoes, sleeveless blouses and skirts/dresses.

This opens up a whole new world of wardrobe choices for women, not so much the guys (shorts, big whoop). Now that ladies can wear dresses in the garage, will they? And what will this do for the especially motivated women that are seriously interested in attracting a driver’s attention by any means necessary? Yes, it says, “Attire must remain appropriate for both a major sporting event and a family environment,” but do you really think that’ll stop pit lizards from getting creative? I wonder.
Ines Sainz
As for myself, a member of the media, I’m supposed to be professional no matter what. And I am, although my style of dress at the track consists of jeans, my black Converse Chuck Taylor’s, some random top that’s “cute” and usually a hoodie that hides the “cute” top. So I end up looking like the female version of Facebook’s creator, Mark Zuckerberg, with people asking me what I’m studying in school, as if I’m not out of college yet. I’m 30-years-old so that’s a nice thing to hear but at the same time it’s not ’cause people tend to think you’re not “serious” when you look like you still go to frat parties. So I should probably step-up my game in the style department. But I don’t necessarily want to go all the way to other side of the spectrum and dress up like Ines Sainz (pictured at right) did at the NFL’s Super Bowl Media Day and look like I’m going to a cocktail party.

No, I’ll have to find some middle ground and I doubt any sort of dress will be in the picture. But I like knowing that the option is there and I look forward to “people watching” in the garages this season. I expect some inspired fashion choices to be on display.



  1. Mandy
    February 15, 2011 at 2:29 PM ·

    When I first heard of this I groaned and rolled my eyes and thought: oh great….this is just making it easier for those blasted pit lizards. However, even before this rule came into place I always would see people who broke the rules but never had anything said to them, and why not I asked? Because everybody was taking in the view, which is the sad thing. The pit lizards do not care about being fan friendly or family friendly, they have totally different motives and they don’t care if some little kid sees their butt hanging out of their short shorts, just as long as a driver, or a crew member is checking them out. I’ve even seen woman flash someone…so now that there isn’t a rule that’s not mention to be broken, its going to cause all sorts of havoc, and really is this what Nascar wants? For people to only see those types of woman and believe that those are what all fans are? I think not.

    What I want to know, does this mean the wives and girlfriends are going to start wearing dresses instead of pants/jeans on pit road? Something tells me not likely. Though then again I’ve seen wives wearing tops that showed their shoulders and wore open toe shoes while on pit road during prerace ceremonies.

  2. Lori
    February 16, 2011 at 1:18 AM ·

    Dunno. Sounds kind of rediculous to me for a woman to go in to the garage/pit area wearing open toed shoes – things tend to fall and they usually will on the foot of a Manolo or Jimmy Choo wearing foot. The garage/pit area isn’t the place to look “cute” – them pit pirhanas will be around always – now giving them a somewhat ok to look skank – I’m just waiting for a jug of motor oil to fall on their head or a random wrench to fall on their open toes! I’m pretty positive those open toe shoes aren’t slip proof either. So the gals in the cute open toe shoes and short skirts get something fall on their foot and they fall showing all Adam and Eve – nalgas (booty) and all – oh heck no.

    Now I have been to pit/garage area before. I go to the track wearing shorts and change into jeans before I enter that area – when I’m out I change back into my shorts. I suppose the rulers that be don’t want to inconvenience us ladies – most of us are – but to the pit pirhanas – I hope ya slip where your freshly made hairdo and cute outfit showing all creation gets ruined by an open jug of falling oil

  3. February 16, 2011 at 11:07 AM ·

    Oh for crying out loud… open toe shoes in the garage area? Are they daft? As somebody who has spent a fair amount of time in garages and workshops all I can say is that is a Very Bad Idea.

    It still never ceases to amaze me to see those “ladies” running around the track in 4+” heels.

    That’s alright, there will be a few incidents, and the dress code will be revisited again.

    Pit Pirhanas… LOL!

  4. February 20, 2011 at 10:30 PM ·

    Lol @pit lizards. @pit pirhanas! This sounds like something Corporate America would do. But yeah… open toe shoes? Hmm.