shortcuts: another nascar connection on ‘the bachelor’, mcmurray & dixon swap rides

Miss Sprint Cup Kim Coon

Miss Sprint Cup Kim Coon

Now that I’ve finally finished up my Vegas posts I can get to some of the other stuff that’s happened recently.

Monday night was the finale of the 15th season of “The Bachelor.” I was surprised to see Emily Maynard “win” (I don’t like to think of it as “winning” so much as just being the best person for that particular person ’cause those other women aren’t losers, ya know what I mean?) and become engaged to Brad Womack. I’m happy for her, but I’m also really happy that she thought it best to wait to get married until after they’ve lived with each other in the “real” world. All in all definitely hope for the best for those two.

So here’s the fun/interesting news tip that Tara S. sent me. Apparently the newest Miss Sprint Cup, Kim Coon was a contestant on this season of The Bachelor, as well. I had no idea there was another NASCAR connection on the show. Kim was eliminated at the 3rd rose ceremony.

In other news…

– NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Jamie McMurray swapped rides with IndyCar Series driver Scott Dixon today at Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama.

McMurray, on the car-swapping opportunity: I think it’s cool that the racetracks came together and were able to let us help promote those races and make it fun for us. For me, getting to drive this is a great opportunity. It’s a lot of money to come and do something like this, so it worked out well that they were already here testing. For Chip to bring his car down to Talladega and let Scott drive it, it’s hard to put those two together, because it costs so much money.

Dixon, on the possibility of becoming a Sprint Cup driver: Well, there’s no $5 million prize in NASCAR, so no, I’m not going. (Laughing.) Obviously, I’m intrigued by it. Sprint Cup is a massive sport, and has a huge following. I think the thing that’s most intriguing, as you’ve seen by the people who have tried to make the transition or have made the transition, it’s 43 cars that are very, very tight and very, very close. I think the tough part for me would be actually doing the 36 races a year. That’s a lot of travel.

Jamie McMurray and Scott Dixon swap rides

Jamie McMurray and Scott Dixon swap rides

Jamie McMurray and Scott Dixon swap rides

Jamie McMurray and Scott Dixon swap rides

Jamie McMurray and Scott Dixon swap rides

(All photos courtesy of INDYCAR)

– In his pre-race press release for Bristol, Clint Bowyer shared the story of what happened after his engine blew up at the spring race at Bristol last year:

You finished 40th last year after you blew an engine. What do you do after? Do you hang out? Go home?

“You have to go home and it’s not much fun. Funny story – I was driving and on my way home I about ripped the leather off the steering wheel because I was so mad. I pulled in to get gas down the road and the cashier had a little TV behind the counter watching the race. I told him how much money I put in and he looked at me, looked at the TV, looked at me again and said ‘why are you here?’ I said ‘long story; don’t ask.’ It was actually pretty funny.”

– REMINDER: Enter to win a Richard Petty Driving Experience ride-along at Bristol in August.


  1. Courtney
    March 17, 2011 at 2:26 PM ·

    i thought i saw a quick glimpse of kim in the final episode (or the after the rose episode)….

  2. March 18, 2011 at 9:07 AM ·

    Love the Clint Bowyer story! That is too funny!! Imagine being that cashier! LOL