dale earnhardt jr. is too nice

That’s what Dale Jr. said today during his media session at Pocono. Here’s the full quote in regards to a question about negotiating contracts:

“I really don’t get involved in my negotiations too much because I’m too nice. I had to send my sister in there because she is a shark about it. I just want everybody to be happy and everybody to go on down the road and get back to work and move in the right direction and all that good stuff. I also like to try to keep the relationship between me and Rick less about money and more about being friends and trying to do better on the race track and helping each other out. I kind of leave all that stuff to my sister and I think she’s the one that went to school and has all that experience and knowledge having worked at Action Performance and all those places, she knew a lot about licensing and how all those contract kind of get put together and what people are worth and what’s going on. I really trust her with all that stuff. If I had to jump in there I really don’t know if I could put up the fight. I’m just not that kind of guy and would likely come out with the short end of the stick so I’m probably glad I’ve got her around.”

In other news…

Regan Smith threw out the first pitch at the Colorado Rockies-Philadelphia Phillies baseball game in Denver on Wednesday.

Regan Smith throws out the first pitch at the Colorado Rockies-Philadelphia Phillies baseball game

The pitch! (credit: Joshua Duplechian/Rich Clarkson and Associates)

After the pitch, Regan Smith shakes hands with Rockies catcher Chris Iannetta (credit: Joshua Duplechian/Rich Clarkson and Associates)


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1 Comment

  1. Kim
    August 6, 2011 at 11:57 AM ·

    I just love Junior. Flat out. And not because of NASCAR history, or his lineage or anything like that.

    Just for who he is.

    It takes an incredible person to be that popular and stay that humble.

    And folks can talk tough and everything, but I can tell you there won’t be a single NASCAR fan who isn’t pumping a fist (even if it is in secret) when he pulls into his next Victory Circle.