why i don’t speculate on silly season shenanigans

I decided to make a list of the reasons why I don’t speculate on the latest gossip & rumors about if a driver is leaving a team, joining a team, etc.:

1) I don’t care – Now, It’s not that I don’t care about the drivers as people because I do–I always like knowing that people are working. However, in the grand scheme of things I have better things to do than to write about or worry about what so-and-so is going to be doing next year. I’m worrying about what I’M going to be doing next year. They’re all going to land where they were meant to go and everything is going to work out for the best in due time.

2) We’re gonna find out FOR SURE eventually – This is one thing I can actually be patient about. I’m totally fine waiting for the inevitable press conference or press release to tell me what is ACTUALLY going to happen.

It’s that simple. :)


  1. Kim
    August 25, 2011 at 1:21 PM ·


    It just takes the focus off of THIS year, and while I would be DEEPLY into any speculation over where Kasey Kahne would or would not be going (and for that matter, Kenny Francis), (a) I don’t expect to hear about it 24/7 and (b) in the end, all the wishing/hoping/debating/ranting/anxiety/fretting/discussing would mean the driver is going to end up…

    …right where they were going to go :D

    And I have to say this, it really irks me when that is all that is discussed on race weekend TV. Especially when it seems like one driver (no names mentioned) is getting all the time and press over their dang contract talks. Helloooo, there are 42 other drivers I would like to hear about! Even the ones I don’t like! :D

    Say they are still talking and get on with talking about the upcoming race!!!

    Boy, Valli, you must have hit a sore spot with me I didn’t even know was sore! :D

  2. August 26, 2011 at 1:26 AM ·

    And THIS is why I love your blog so much! I could name names of certain sports “journalists” whose less than accurate articles bag on drivers she doesn’t see as perfect, but I won’t. *coughLeeSpencercough*

    You rock, and so does your blog. I’m a little worried on the current silly season because it does directly affect my favorite driver, but I keep trying to tell myself “we will all find out eventually.”