"I’ll be honest, I wish everybody would get off her back and just let her go race and let her learn. Everybody is putting so much pressure on her and so much focus on her. Going to a place that you’ve been to is obviously going to help, but everybody needs to take a step back and let this girl learn and do what she is trying to do there. It’s kind of a double edge sword. It’s been great from the publicity side, but for her, I don’t know how she handles it. It’s making me nervous having to talk about her all the time, let alone, she is the one that has to actually do it. I just hope everybody respects her enough to give her the room to know that whether she makes three laps or whether she finishes the whole race the whole goal is to just learn."
Tony Stewart talking about Danica Patrick at today's press conference at Michigan International Speedway. He was asked if he felt that the Nationwide races she's run so far will help with driving the next 6 Sprint Cup races she'll be in this year.

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  1. Kim
    August 18, 2012 at 5:21 PM ·

    I’ve felt the same way. The media hype is over the top. Then again, Go Daddy isn’t paying for a wallflower driver, they want exposure (no pun intended.)