tony stewart’s game of grab ass

I heard about Tony Stewart grabbing DeLana Harvick’s butt during pre-race Chicagoland Speedway via Twitter. I didn’t see video of it until today (which is posted here in case you hadn’t seen it yet either).

The occurrence caused me to promptly turn to my boyfriend and ask the following question: If a guy that we were both friends with, someone you genuinely liked, grabbed my ass what would you do?

My boyfriends response was that they would not be friends anymore and physical harm to the guy’s nether regions would be involved. I’m pretty satisfied with that answer. :)

They’re all friends and I totally get that, but I dunno, shouldn’t Tony being doing that to his girlfriend? And only to his girlfriend? :)


  1. Melody
    September 17, 2012 at 12:38 PM ·

    There is a looong history of pranking and wedgies in pre-race festivities between the Harvicks and the man Delana calls Uncle Tony, well, between Tony and everybody really…Kevin’s tweet on the subject was, “”You may have misheard – it’s ‘Grab Some BUDS.” #nascar”

    Seems Delana’s laugh when she saw it was Tony makes it okay….would have been totally different had it been Shrubbie or Sliced Bread!!!!

    • Valli
      September 17, 2012 at 12:47 PM ·

      Yea, I know this is something that’s happened before between them. Including Tony sneaking into the Harvicks motorcoach.

      I just think it’s interesting food for thought.

      Even if I was the BEST of friends with someone I dunno that I’d be cool with that. But to each his own! :)