"I had the wrong approach I think in the beginning of the season. I was following my Zen master Charlie Sheen and that wasn’t going very well (laughs). I had to look around and then I followed a fellow most top 10 hated athlete guy LeBron James. He brought his talents down to Miami and won the championship down there. I’m going to use that motivation, I’m going to take my talents to Denver and bring the championship out there. Then I decided that I didn’t need Charlie Sheen so I’m going to look at a new Zen master, I found him, it’s Bryce Harper. 19-year-old phenom out of Las Vegas, he is the Nationals guy that has helped their team get into the playoffs. He is so wise he told the media ‘no more clown questions. I’m not going to answer any clown questions.’ I’m really looking up to a 19-year-old Bryce Harper to help me through all this."
Kurt Busch, in response to being asked if he had fun this year with James Finch and if there's more pressure now that he's moved on to Furniture Row racing.

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