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on dating: i’m exhausted! where is he?!

On December 30th of last year my boyfriend of one year told me that we had to break up (our one-year anniversary was the day before). He didn’t see a future for us, not one in which we stayed together, got married one day and had babies. He didn’t see any of the things that I did.


getting older, moving and visualizing a life with nascar

Last Friday was my birthday. I turned 32 and I’m OK with it, I guess. Not like I have a choice about in the matter. I’m embracing it. There are a lot of numbers left until I get to 40 so I’m looking at that as a positive. :)


daughter to father: you can’t take back what you’ve taken away

I’ve never written about my father in any complete & cohesive way. I don’t think I’ve even written about him in my diaries growing up, well, maybe a little bit but not really.

Anyway, I want to write about him now because I feel like I’ve made peace with our relationship or lack thereof. This isn’t a happy story and I’m writing it not just to document it for once and for all but for other people to understand and maybe learn something.