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staying true to the dream: why i’m not quitting the fast and the fabulous

I might be writing this more for me than for you, but either way I still need to get it down on electronic paper.

If I had written this post a week ago it would have said that I was going to stop blogging altogether. But I’ve had time to think about it and I’ve decided to not quit.

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theater of the living: mass transit’s mass annoyances

I’ve been meaning to write about the books and music I’ve been in love with lately but there’s a bigger topic I must get to first. Let’s talk about how annoying public transportation is. Don’t get me wrong, public transportation is a wonderful & necessary thing. It gets cars off the road, makes you walk more which is good for your health and it’s convenient in that you don’t have to worry about parking or traffic (at least not directly).

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boredom is the worst cologne

When I was in kindergarten my mom would drive me to school every morning and I would cry as we got closer and closer to the school. I really didn’t want to go to class and it’s something I vividly remember. That anxiety.


i am veruca salt

So what do you think of the new site? I’m digging it.

The following is something I wrote in my personal blog and I’m repurposing it here since my new “format” includes personal things, so basically my life. I thought that this would be a great place to start since it speaks to a big part of who I am and where my mind has been as of late.