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shortcuts: david ragan’s girlfriend wins, kelley earnhardt baby news

I’m so happy I got to go to New Hampshire and Kansas over the past month or so. Getting to attend those races reminded me why I love writing this blog so much and how awesome it is to interact with you and hear your thoughts on my experiences. Your feedback means a lot to me so don’t hold back. Let’s just hope that someone reads this site, believes in what I’m doing and steps up to help it grow. I might create a quick link for you to click to Tweet brands that tells them to sponsor me. Ha! I seriously just thought of that while writing this and now I need to make it happen. :)

In other news…

– Today was the first ever Better Half Dash at Charlotte Motor Speedway, featuring the wives and girlfriends of NASCAR drivers, crew guys and personalities. The inaugural winner was Jacquelyn Butler, the girlfriend of NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver David Ragan.

Jacquelyn Butler, girlfriend of NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver David Ragan, won the Better Half Dash today at Charlotte Motor Speedway. (Photo Credit: Harold Hinson Photography)

Jacquelyn Butler, girlfriend of NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver David Ragan, won the Better Half Dash today at Charlotte Motor Speedway. (Photo Credit: Harold Hinson Photography)

“That was crazy,” Butler said from the frontstretch victory celebration, which was complete with a trophy presentation, interviews and a champagne shower. “That was fun. I’m ready to go out and do it again next week.”

Better Half Dash Finishing Order
1. Jacquelyn Butler (David Ragan)
2. Trisha Mears (Casey Mears)
3. Ashley Allgaier (Justin Allgaier)
4. Patricia Driscoll (Kurt Busch)
5. Wendy Venturini (Speed Network)
6. Beth Baldwin (Tommy Baldwin)
7. Sabrina Simpson (Joey Logano)
8. Jami McDowell (Michael McDowell)
9. Michelle Gilliland (David Gilliland)
10. Kristen Yeley (J.J. Yeley)
11. Nan Zipadelli (Greg Zipadelli)
12. Angie Skinner (Mike Skinner)
13. Shannon Koch (Blake Koch)
14. Melanie Self (Motor Racing Outreach)

– Better Half Dash Honorary Starter Kelley Earnhardt is expecting her third child. It’s her first child with her husband & race car driver, L.W. Miller III (who you can see in that Richard Petty energy drink commercial). Kelley has two daughters, Karsyn & Kennedy, from her previous marriage to NASCAR crew chief, Jimmy Elledge.

“Obviously as a former race car driver, I would love to be participating with the other ladies in this event,” said Earnhardt, co-owner and general manager of JR Motorsports. “But with a baby on the way, I am thankful they found a home for me as the honorary starter to be a part of the fun.

“It is fulfilling to be doing something positive while raising awareness and funds for Motor Racing Outreach (MRO) and Speedway Children’s Charities. MRO is a staple to our sport and NASCAR family and SCC has done so much for our community.”

Montgomery Lee, daughter of former NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Kyle Petty (and granddaughter of NASCAR legend Richard Petty) announced this week via Twitter that she and her country music artist husband, Randy Montana, are expecting their first child. The couple are expecting a daughter on February 29th of next year.

denny’s celebration didn’t end at the track

Denny Hamlin's tweet photo from Sunday nightThe picture to the left was taken by Denny Hamlin himself. He posted it to his Twitter page, arriving home after winning Sunday’s TUMS Fast Relief 500 at Martinsville, with the caption “Just pulled up at my house.. LOL.” Isn’t that sweet? I love it.

The race itself was fun, and I’m glad Denny won.

I was thinking that I wouldn’t comment on Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s bad, bad luck but I feel like I have to say something. Maybe just for myself? This season has sucked and sucked hard. I don’t place blame or feel the need to point fingers because I truly believe that Hendrick Motorsports is doing everything they can to make Dale Jr. successful. I mean, it’s in everyone’s best interest that he wins. There is nothing to be gained from having an annoying season like this one.

do nascar wives google themselves?

Tonight is supposed to be the premiere of NASCAR Wives a new reality show on TLC starring Delana Harvick, Shana Mayfield, Angie Skinner and Kelley Earnhardt. The one-hour special will air at 10PM EST, following the completely pointless 2009 Miss America Pageant. NASCAR Wives will return as a series to TLC in late Spring 2009. I say “supposed to” because when I look at the TV listings in my area I see no mention of NASCAR Wives. Whatever, I’m sure it’ll come on eventually.

So here’s why I’m talking about this, my awesome friend, and former colleague, Susan Young is a freelance TV writer for publications like People magazine and You should check out her blog SueTube, too. Sue had the opportunity to interview some of the NASCAR Wives and asked me if I had any questions I’d want her to ask them.

My favorite thing to ask people is if they Google themselves and go online in general to see what people are saying about them. Here’s the what the ladies had to say:

QUESTION: There’s been so much interest in NASCAR wives, like, online. Do you ever Google yourself and read all those rumors that are going on about you?

KELLEY EARNHARDT: You learn not to Google yourself.

SHANA MAYFIELD: I have and I quit pretty fast.

QUESTION: What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve read on there?

SHANA MAYFIELD: Well, the funniest thing was, you know, I gained a little weight which was — you know, happens. I got an email from one of the sites that I was pregnant and when am I due. So I quit that real fast. You just kind of laugh at it. At least you’re
getting some kind of response and people are acknowledging that you’re around, so –

QUESTION: And do you have any NASCAR sites that you like going to?

ANGIE SKINNER: I mean, you know, I think the big joke with us is when you want to know what the rumor is about your husband or their race team, you go to It’s kind of like the rumor mill. Sometimes it’s got what’s really happening. But those are probably the two sites that most people go to for