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shower thoughts: isn’t it awkward, chad mccumbee?

Chad McCumbee, driver of the #09 / Garmin Ford, during qualifying for the NASCAR Nationwide series Royal Purple 200 presented by O'Reilly Auto Parts at Darlington Raceway on May 7, 2010 in Darlington, South Carolina. (Photo by Jason Smith/Getty Images)Shower thoughts are those great ideas, concepts or, ya know, thoughts that you have when you’re taking a shower. Usually I’m thinking about things going on in my world, things I need to do or what I’m going to wear that day, etc. But sometimes I think about completely RANDOM things like this:

Isn’t it awkward for NASCAR driver Chad McCumbee (left) to be around Dale Earnhardt Jr.? I don’t know if, or how often, they see each other seeing as how Chad has been running in the Camping World Truck Series lately. I ask because Chad portrayed Dale Jr. in ESPN’s movie “3: The Dale Earnhardt Story” about the life of the late Dale Earnhardt. Dale’s family didn’t really like the movie, but besides the supposed inaccuracies in the movie it’s just weird to play someone who’s in your world, who does what you do for a living. At least I think it might be, right?

Chad, feel free to email me and let me know if it’s ever been weird for you.


kyle petty interview: driver marketability and the future of petty enterprises

Driver Kyle Petty speaks to the media to announce the construction of a new Victory Junction camp while his wife Pattie looks on prior to practice for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Camping World RV 400 at Kansas Speedway. (Photo Credit: Rusty Jarrett/Getty Images for NASCAR)Hello! Today has been insane let me tell ya, but the one awesome thing has been writing up this final post of my interview with Kyle Petty. Again, this interview was done last week during Kyle’s promotion of Prostate Cancer Awareness Week.

Me: In regards to Prostate Cancer Awareness, a lot of the readers of my website are women, what’s the most important thing that they can do for their husband or father to help them to go out there and see a doctor about this?

Petty: When had our STAY ON TRACK for Better Prostate Health booth set up at Michigan I was surprised at the amount of women who came through and would bring their husbands, or would say “My father had prostate cancer, it runs in our family and I’m trying to get my brothers to go and I really appreciate you guys speaking up on it.”

I think prostate cancer for so many people and especially guys, guys just are afraid to go be checked. And just like I said before, as my father uses the example of putting together a pit crew for his prostate cancer, I think so many guys will baby their car, change the oil, do everything they can with their car and their lawnmower, and their fishing boat or whatever it may be but they disregard their body.