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review: junior johnson’s biscuits!

Daytona 500 Grand Marshall Junior Johnson (left) jokes with Honorary Starters Glen (middle) and Leonard Wood during the pre-race Drivers Meeting. (Credit: Jerry Markland/Getty Images for NASCAR)My thoughts on the 52nd Annual Daytona 500 will follow in a couple posts, but first I have to share my thoughts on some breakfast products I was given to review.

It was perfect that NASCAR legend Junior Johnson (left) served as the Grand Marshal for Sunday’s Daytona 500 because on Saturday I tried out three of his new Junior Johnson Brand Foods — Country Ham Biscuits, Sweet Potato Biscuits and Sausage Morning Rolls. And let me tell you, they’re delicious!

I’ve never had anything like these biscuits. You can heat them up in the oven or in the microwave. I chose the microwave route because in the morning I’m HIGHLY impatient (more than normal) and I’m the type of person who only really enjoys breakfast when someone else makes it. So it’s key that with Junior Johnson’s biscuits they take less than 60 seconds to cook perfectly so I have no excuse to not have breakfast in the morning when these are so easy peasy to make.
Junior Johnson Brand Foods Sweet Potato Biscuits (photo credit: The Fast and the Fabulous)
Of the three products I tried, my favorite was the Sweet Potato Biscuits (right). They were sweet, but not overwhelmingly sweet, and light & fluffy. I enjoyed the Ham Biscuits and I love saying Ham Biscuits, seriously, say it out loud right now, sounds awesome right?

Right now you can find Junior Johnson Brand Foods in the east in Lowes Foods, Ingles Markets, IGA, Galaxy Food Stores, Piggly Wiggly, Laurel Grocery Stores and Food City Stores. But they’re making their way out west soon. Become a fan of Junior Johnson Brand Foods over at Facebook for updates!

Junior Johnson Brand Foods -- Country Ham Biscuits, Sweet Potato Biscuits and Sausage Morning Rolls

Junior Johnson Brand Foods — Country Ham Biscuits, Sweet Potato Biscuits and Sausage Morning Rolls
(photo credit: The Fast and the Fabulous)

giving it away: 50 years of the great american race

Daytona 500: 50 Years of the Great American RaceOk, so I’m really excited about this. I was given a copy of the new 2-disc DVD set Daytona 500: 50 Years of the “Great American Race.”

I watched it last night and it gives you some really cool insight into the history, legacy and champions of the Daytona 500, NASCAR’s biggest and most significant race as we all know. The first disc is an interactive experience that allows you to watch this year’s Daytona 500 from the driver’s perspective. It’s pretty trippy to feel like you’re in the car with them. The featured drivers include Kasey Kahne, Tony Stewart, Denny Hamlin, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and of course the race winner Ryan Newman. You get to hear the team radio communications and you also have the option of switching to the broadcast coverage as well.

The second disc gives you a round table discussion (or square table as Michael Waltrip put it) with past Daytona 500 winners like David Pearson, Junior Johnson and Mario Andretti to name a few. The conversation is great and full of little interesting anecdotes, plus great footage from the archives of the race’s history. Oh and I just want to say that it’s pretty uncanny how much IndyCar driver Marco Andretti looks like his grandfather Mario when he was in his twenties. But I digress. The second disc also features some interviews with drivers from today including Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson and Kevin Harvick.

I highly recommend this DVD set to anyone that is a serious NASCAR fan. It’s a cool way to experience the race all over again. This DVD set is available for purchase online and you can also win a copy of the set from me! I was given an extra copy to give away to one of my awesome readers! Click here to enter the contest. The contest is over! Thanks!

The 50th running of the Daytona 500 is one of NASCAR®’s most unforgettable and highly-anticipated milestone events. Already the most prestigious race in motorsports, this landmark running is sure to be remembered and cherished by millions of race fans. On April 15, join A&E Home Video and NASCAR® Collections to celebrate the golden anniversary of “The Great American Race™” with DAYTONA 500: THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY, a highly-collectible 2-DVD set that puts fans in the driver’s seat like never before! Available just weeks after the 50th Daytona® 500 (February 17), this is THE official NASCAR® collectible of this historic race.

As part of DAYTONA® 500: THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY, the 2008 Daytona 500 will be presented in the ground-breaking “My Race” Interactive DVD format. This innovative user experience allows fans to choose the view of the race from six different driver perspectives plus the main broadcast feed, along with driver and announcer audio feeds — putting them right in the middle of the action. The second disc features the great stories and heroes that have defined the Daytona 500 through two exclusive NASCAR® programs: “A Sports Century” features a dynamic roundtable discussion of the moments and personalities that defined Daytona with a host and panel of NASCAR® experts including Richard Petty and Jeff Gordon, while “The Top 50 Daytona® 500 Moments” is the definitive telling of the story of NASCAR®’s Greatest single greatest event. Additional DVD extras include official NASCAR® PC wallpapers and time-lapse screensavers.

With a history of legend-defining and myth-making spectaculars, the Daytona® 500 winners circle has embraced NASCAR® heroes including: Richard Petty, Mario Andretti, Jeff Gordon, and Dale Earnhardt Senior and Junior. And DAYTONA® 500: THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY, an unprecedented and revolutionary DVD release, only adds to the legend of NASCAR®’s biggest race of the year.